The Silver Cross SurfSilver Cross Surf pushchair is a newly released product that boasts of excellent comfort and a design that is clearly inspired by spaceship design. It is a baby travel system that’s been long awaited by parents all over the world. The Surf is a lightweight pushchair that is suitable for all stages of infant growth, adaptable enough for virtually any situation parents may find themselves in. The Silver Cross Surf pushchair underwent a development process that took 2 years. After a long development stage, the product is proven to be of high quality and favoured by many families because it is lightweight, comfortable and easy to use for all moms all over the world.

The Silver Cross Surf pushchair was launched on March 2010 as part of a large scale effort of the company to meet the increasing demand for lightweight, sleek and manoeuvrable wheeled transport solutions. Needless to say, the Surf came through perfectly and was met with critical acclaim for its futuristic and clever design, as well as for its ease of use.


The Surf comes with your usual seat unit that is designed to be compatible with infants in all stages of birth. This essentially eliminates the need for parents to purchase a separate carrycot. The Surf’s wheels also come with a special suspension system that’s air-sprung, specifically designed to make handling and your child’s ride extra-smooth on virtually any type of surface. This suspension is where the Surf system got its name, as the feel of the suspension is much like surfing, be it on concrete, grass or sand.

The Surf’s seat unit can also be positioned to be forward or backward facing, perfect for different situations such as sightseeing, sleeping and feeding.


As for style, the Surf bears a design that may or may not be to your looking. This Silver pushchair comes in 3 colours, namely Black, Slate and Linen. It also features an urban and futuristic look one may expect to be something from an episode of Star Trek, yet is ergonomic enough to ease any feeling of alienation or awkwardness. The Surf excels at tasks any innovative pushchair is expected to handle, such as folding down into a compact package, riding well and being lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

Delving Deeper

Behind its facade and usability is the reason why the Silver Cross Surf shines. The Surf system uses a magnesium alloy body inspired by the construction of spacecraft. The alloy is very strong, yet remarkably light allowing for slight touches on the Surf’s adjustable handle to change direction. The chassis is also strong enough to handle frequent repositioning of the seat unit, something which you’ll be doing over and over again after you realize its usefulness.


Like any other Silver Cross pushchair, the Surf system can be complemented with various accessories, such as a carrycot, Ventura car seat, fleece blankets and more.