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Innovation and Luxury Combined

luxury pramSilver Cross, a British manufacturer of wheeled transport for babies, is a name recognized all over the world for creating the popular Silver Cross pram and Silver Cross pushchair. The company admits to not really having a secret behind their success and fame, choosing to rely only on their century’s worth of experience and knowledge and pairing it with the use of only the best and finest materials known to man when creating their wheeled transport products. The brand’s influence has now spread towards all corners of the globe, with British neighbour Ireland having its own Silver Cross Irelandbranch.

Whole generations of children have been raised and carted to here and there on the streets of London and the rest of the world in elegant and classic Silver Cross prams and strollers. The brand is practically a British institution, growing to become synonymous with elegance, class, and of course, luxury. Such is the quality of Silver Cross’ strollers and luxury prams that the company was given a prestigious royal warrant, a sign of the company providing their products to members of the British royal family. In fact, Prince Charles himself was wheeled around on his very own custom-built Silver Cross pushchair in 1948. Peter Philips also had similar baby transport in 1977.

Despite being perceived as a luxury brand with classic, old-fashioned styles, Silver Cross has managed to recognise the importance of functionality, combining it with aesthetics and producing a new range of modern wheeled transport. Today’s Silver Cross prams and strollers are highly lightweight and manoeuvrable, designed for parents who are on the go and are looking for buggies that are a breeze to push and wheel around.

The Silver Cross Surf is one such concept that combines the very best features of prams and pushchairs. The Surf features a birth pram, suitably for newborns, but it also has a fully reversible pushchair with a flat recline. If the user opts to add in the Ventura and Carrycot Car seat converts, the Surf turns into a travel system that’s perfect for just about any travel situation.

Silver Cross’ 3D Classic Prams and Pushchairs are yet another innovation that allows the pram to convert into a pushchair in a few mere seconds. The pram system, designed for use from birth until the toddler stage, is the perfect compact and lightweight system, and allows parents to save money on wheel transports since it has everything a travelling family will need.


Thinking of Buying a Pram?

silvercross pramThe Silver Cross 3D Pram stands out for being convertible. With a few clicks and swivels, this system can be converted from a pram into a pushchair in a few mere seconds. The 3D is also remarkably lightweight and folds down to a compact profile, perfect for storage in a small boot. The 3D is specifically designed to be suitable for all stages of infanthood, with its fully padded mattress and infant pram liner. It can also be complemented by a wide variety of Silver Cross accessories, such as car seats and carrycots. With all these features packed into one sleek and elegant package, it’s no wonder why the Silver Cross 3D is a best-selling pram system.


Some of the most common comments made by parents on the Silver Cross 3D pram system include:

Padding – Parents have raved about the cleverly designed padding on the seat unit, ensuring maximum comfort and safety even for newborn infants.

Seat – The seat unit itself has received praise for its sturdiness, large handle bar and the ability to lie fully flat. A large adjustable hood also protects the seat.

Handling – Like all Silver Cross prams and pushchairs, the 3D pram system is a breeze to handle, capable of making turns on a dime thanks to its lightweight yet strong construction. Ergonomic adjustable handles further supplement the 3D’s weight and suspension system.

Market and Loyal Patrons

If you are still hesitant with the idea of purchasing your very own Silver Cross pram and pushchair, perhaps a look at the brand’s loyal customers may be enough to convince you.

The Silver Cross brand is a name chiefly associated with luxury and transporting generations of children in Britain. The brand has deep connection with the British royal family, such that it has been awarded a prestigious Royal Warrant for providing custom prams and pushchairs to the Queen, Prince Charles and Princes Harry and William.

The company’s recent line of prams and pushchairs, such as the Silver Cross Surf has been a favourite of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson and many more.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a pram system that’s compact and gives you the very best of what pushchairs and prams have to offer, the 3D pram system is definitely for you. The 3D is perfect right from the early stages of growth thanks to its comfortable mattress and padded pram liner. And finally, it offers great value for money with its very competitive price tag. Again, if what you’re looking for is a feature-rich wheeled transport solution at a good price, the 3D Pram should definitely be on top of your list.