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surf pramThe Silver Cross Surf pushchair and pram is a transport system that’s been long awaited by parents in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. After two years of being stuck in development hell, the Surf was finally released on March of 2010, eventually becoming one of Silver Cross’ most notable bestsellers. According to Phil Taylor, design director of Silver Cross, the Surf was meant to be a new take on pram and pushchair design after questioning the look and feel of traditional transport systems.

However, the real question is, is the Silver Cross Surf any different?

If there’s one thing one notices after removing the Surf from its box and packaging, it’s that it’s remarkably sturdy despite its compact size. Right from there, the Surf exudes quality and class, from its construction, fabrics and overall look.


As far as features are concerned, the Surf does not disappoint. It comes with a myriad of functions and perks. For starters, there is a babynest insert for baby’s maximum protection and comfort, a reclining seat unit making it suitable from birth, thick lining for comfort, and forks in the front and back for unimpeded movement and more. The Surf gets its name from its air-sprung suspension system designed to ensure a smooth ride on varying terrain—whether its sand, grass or concrete, this system will “surf” through it all.


The Surf is also compatible with a number of accessories to make it more mobile and versatile. The Silver Cross Ventura Plus, a thickly lined universal car seat, can be easily clipped to the Surf’s chassis to make it a full travel system. An optional Silver Cross carrycot functions the same way.


The Silver Cross Surf also stands out for its ultra-lightweight chassis, which weighs in at a mere 7.5 kilograms. As a full buggy system, it tips the scales at 11.3 kilograms, while the addition of the beefy car seat increases its weight to 12.2 kilograms. The secret for the Surf’s lightness is its magnesium alloy construction, which is even lighter than aluminium. The material is commonly used on the bodies of airplanes and luxury sports cars—a fitting connection considering the Surf’s space age design. Despite being light, the magnesium alloy is strong and durable, capable of withstanding bumps and frequent travel. Finally, the chassis folds down to a small footprint and can be fitted into a small boot.


The Silver Cross Surf is a modern travel system that’s a joy to manoeuvre and comfortable for your baby. It’s a little pricey compared to other strollers on the market, but quality is assured when it comes to Silver Cross, so parents are really going to get their money’s worth.


The Secret behind Silver Cross’ Success

Silver Cross, makers of the popular Silver Cross Surf pushchair and pram system, is a brand that holds familiarity amongst residents in the United Kingdom. The company has been around for more than 100 years (130 to be exact) and is considered as the longest-running manufacturer of strollers, buggies and other wheeled transport systems for babies. The Silver Cross company prides itself for having a collection of transport solutions that have various designs, styles and most importantly, features.  All of the company’s products however, have a few things in common: they are durable, made from the finest materials, and are nothing short of superior.

Silver Cross in Recent Years

In recent years, the company has revolutionized the way strollers look, feel and handle. This is evident in the best selling Silver Cross Surf Pushchair and Pram, which is a remarkable folding pram that has a space-age design and chassis. The Surf is fully equipped with features to keep your baby safe and comfortable, such as seat unit that is comfortable with its full recline, a fully padded liner, a silent hood, padded apron, sun parasol and more. The Surf is also reversible, meaning that you can choose to have your baby forward or backward facing. The Surf can be made even better and more flexible through optional accessories and add-ons, such as the Silver Cross Ventura Car seat, fleece blankets and liners and many more.

Here are some points to remember when thinking about the Silver Cross Surf pushchair, or any other Silver Cross product for that matter.


Each and every Silver Cross stroller is made only from the best and most durable materials. The Surf for example, is crafted from high-grade magnesium alloy, the same material used in space ships. Silver Cross, in an effort to shave off weight from their products, also makes use of child-friendly and durable plastics and resins. Many of these materials are plated with chrome to give off a classic look reminiscent of strollers of the past.


This factor is what all Silver Cross pushchairs are designed for. Modern convenience can be found in each and every one of Silver Cross’ products, from the air-sprung suspension system found on the surf, the height-adjustable handles, beefy handle bars on the seat units and light overall weight that makes for ease of handling and steering. Silver Cross pushchairs are also renowned for being foldable into a sleek and storage-friendly package—mobile indeed.

Thinking of Buying a Pram?

silvercross pramThe Silver Cross 3D Pram stands out for being convertible. With a few clicks and swivels, this system can be converted from a pram into a pushchair in a few mere seconds. The 3D is also remarkably lightweight and folds down to a compact profile, perfect for storage in a small boot. The 3D is specifically designed to be suitable for all stages of infanthood, with its fully padded mattress and infant pram liner. It can also be complemented by a wide variety of Silver Cross accessories, such as car seats and carrycots. With all these features packed into one sleek and elegant package, it’s no wonder why the Silver Cross 3D is a best-selling pram system.


Some of the most common comments made by parents on the Silver Cross 3D pram system include:

Padding – Parents have raved about the cleverly designed padding on the seat unit, ensuring maximum comfort and safety even for newborn infants.

Seat – The seat unit itself has received praise for its sturdiness, large handle bar and the ability to lie fully flat. A large adjustable hood also protects the seat.

Handling – Like all Silver Cross prams and pushchairs, the 3D pram system is a breeze to handle, capable of making turns on a dime thanks to its lightweight yet strong construction. Ergonomic adjustable handles further supplement the 3D’s weight and suspension system.

Market and Loyal Patrons

If you are still hesitant with the idea of purchasing your very own Silver Cross pram and pushchair, perhaps a look at the brand’s loyal customers may be enough to convince you.

The Silver Cross brand is a name chiefly associated with luxury and transporting generations of children in Britain. The brand has deep connection with the British royal family, such that it has been awarded a prestigious Royal Warrant for providing custom prams and pushchairs to the Queen, Prince Charles and Princes Harry and William.

The company’s recent line of prams and pushchairs, such as the Silver Cross Surf has been a favourite of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson and many more.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a pram system that’s compact and gives you the very best of what pushchairs and prams have to offer, the 3D pram system is definitely for you. The 3D is perfect right from the early stages of growth thanks to its comfortable mattress and padded pram liner. And finally, it offers great value for money with its very competitive price tag. Again, if what you’re looking for is a feature-rich wheeled transport solution at a good price, the 3D Pram should definitely be on top of your list.