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The Secret behind Silver Cross’ Success

Silver Cross, makers of the popular Silver Cross Surf pushchair and pram system, is a brand that holds familiarity amongst residents in the United Kingdom. The company has been around for more than 100 years (130 to be exact) and is considered as the longest-running manufacturer of strollers, buggies and other wheeled transport systems for babies. The Silver Cross company prides itself for having a collection of transport solutions that have various designs, styles and most importantly, features.  All of the company’s products however, have a few things in common: they are durable, made from the finest materials, and are nothing short of superior.

Silver Cross in Recent Years

In recent years, the company has revolutionized the way strollers look, feel and handle. This is evident in the best selling Silver Cross Surf Pushchair and Pram, which is a remarkable folding pram that has a space-age design and chassis. The Surf is fully equipped with features to keep your baby safe and comfortable, such as seat unit that is comfortable with its full recline, a fully padded liner, a silent hood, padded apron, sun parasol and more. The Surf is also reversible, meaning that you can choose to have your baby forward or backward facing. The Surf can be made even better and more flexible through optional accessories and add-ons, such as the Silver Cross Ventura Car seat, fleece blankets and liners and many more.

Here are some points to remember when thinking about the Silver Cross Surf pushchair, or any other Silver Cross product for that matter.


Each and every Silver Cross stroller is made only from the best and most durable materials. The Surf for example, is crafted from high-grade magnesium alloy, the same material used in space ships. Silver Cross, in an effort to shave off weight from their products, also makes use of child-friendly and durable plastics and resins. Many of these materials are plated with chrome to give off a classic look reminiscent of strollers of the past.


This factor is what all Silver Cross pushchairs are designed for. Modern convenience can be found in each and every one of Silver Cross’ products, from the air-sprung suspension system found on the surf, the height-adjustable handles, beefy handle bars on the seat units and light overall weight that makes for ease of handling and steering. Silver Cross pushchairs are also renowned for being foldable into a sleek and storage-friendly package—mobile indeed.


Silver Cross PushchairHaving a baby is a major event in one’s life. When a baby joins your family everything changes- but of course in a good way. Having a child is a blessing and it open a whole new chapter in your life, where someone else’s needs now come before yours. A baby needs a lot of attention and has special requirements that you need to attend to. You have to make sure that your newborn stays comfortable, safe and healthy. You need to introduce your baby to the world and get him outside, which brings us to the subject of pushchairs. There are literally thousands of pushchairs out there, and it can be really hard to choose. When it comes to your newborn, of course you want what’s the best for the baby. One of the most known brands that provide various luxury prams is Silver Cross and their quality has been proven for years. Even the royal family of England has recognised the quality and have ordered prams from Silver Cross. Have you considered a silver cross pushchair for your baby?

William Wilson founded the company in 1877—yes, the business has been around that long—the Silver Cross brand is a name known by generations of parents by heart. The company subscribes to a basic principle: to trust in their 130 years of experience and use only the finest materials known to man. Indeed, Silver Cross stands out for having a wealth of experience in the industry—the company already stood out as an exceptional manufacturer of wheeled transport systems for babies as far back as the early 1900s.

The company has undergone numerous changes over the years since its birth. During the turn of the 21st century, the company was suffering due to an increasingly competitive atmosphere and lacklustre sales of its traditional prams. The market for these old-fashioned systems was simply dwindling, as more and more parents sought foldable and compact wheeled transports. The company was saved after being acquired by David Halsall International, a toy manufacturing company that was already in charge of producing the junior range of Silver Cross strollers and prams.

Since then, the company has grown to become more capable at meeting the needs of their customers and adjusting to the changing times. The need for increased mobility and manoeuvrability was something Silver Cross managed to recognize just in time for adjustments to be done. The company responded by releasing innovative baby travel systems such as the 3D pram system and the Silver Cross Surf pushchair and pram. The results exceeded expectations, with the 3D and Surf becoming instant bestsellers.

When comfort, style and usability are concerned, the Silver Cross name is definitely on top. Consider it—you won’t regret the investment.