What you Get from Silver Cross

Silver Cross originated in England, and it is a company that specializes in the development and production of both classic and innovative prams and buggies for children, prides itself for not having a “real” secret when it comes to making fine wheeled transport. Apparently, all the company does is rely on their 130 years of experience and choice selection of high quality materials—no more, no less. Everything else follows once that combination comes into play, or so Silver Cross says.

The Silver Cross name is one that’s considered by many as a British institution. Indeed, multiple generations of English children—some of them royalty—have experienced the luxury, comfort and safety of Silver Cross buggies and prams.

Silver Cross Today

Despite its “size” and stature in the industry, Silver Cross has managed to reinvent its product line to meet the growing demand for modern, manoeuvrable and light pushchairs. The company has since then launched a highly successful line of modern buggies, proving that an old timer such as Silver Cross still has what it takes to compete with nimbler buggy and pram manufacturers.

The company made waves with the release of its 3D pram system, a best selling pushchair that’s designed to convert from a pushchair to a pram body, allowing the baby to either sit or lie flat when transported.

The Silver Cross Product Range

Silver Cross’ range of wheeled transport systems for children is split into categories:

Buggies – These are lightweight and modern systems designed to appeal with the modern market with its choice of colours, fabrics and accessories

Prams – Halfway houses that look like a cross between a pushchair and pram. Silver Cross’ prams have convertible seats that shift from pushchair to pram body.

Heritage (Luxury Prams) – This is a collection of prams reminiscent of traditional baby carriers. Children of royalty were transported in these prams.

No matter what kind of system you need, Silver Cross can help.